Dawn Butler
Counsellor MBACP (accredited)

Email: dawnbutlercounselling@gmail.com
Mobile: 07511 185481


“Dawn I want to thank you for your warmth and compassion, your holding, your reflections that helped guide and shape my understanding and my awareness. I am very grateful to have found you and to have worked with you.”
- VD

“Thank you Dawn for your empathy care and support. I am now able to move forward with my life in a positive way using the tools and techniques that you have given me.”
- K

“Dawn has been instrumental in helping me to better communicate my emotions, as well as helping me understand that I am important and made me aware of the help that I require and to not be ashamed to ask for it. She has been fantastic at highlighting negative emotions and character traits which have been learned over the course of my life and have been causing my depression and anxiety.

With this awareness I have been able to work through different ways of looking at my internal beliefs”.
- Annon

“I went to CBT very sceptical it would be of any help to me.
I had been involved in a car accident which had caused me to become very anxious in certain conditions which affected my Business as I have to drive to see clients.

For the first four sessions I was reduced to tears but Dawn had such empathy she helped me to recognise and understand the physical feelings anxiety causes. She encouraged me to be kinder on myself and never judged me, Dawn has a very gentle way of talking to people making them feel secure enough to let their feelings come out. With her techniques I have been able to start to look forward to getting back the way I was before the Accident.

I am very glad I came to Dawn“.
- Maggie

“Your kindness touched my heart and continues to warm it. Thank you so very much for everything”
- Bea

“Dawn created a safe and friendly atmosphere, enabling me to feel comfortable to talk about anything no matter how big or small. Dawn has been a massive support for me when I felt alone and unable to talk to those close to me. I have been helped more than I could ever imagine in many different aspects of my life.”
- GG

“My journey with Dawn enabled me to find myself from a very lost place with warmth, understanding and constant unfailing support”
- FS

“I first went to see Dawn to help me to achieve some skills dealing with a difficult relationship I have and also to help me deal with some hurts that I had previously had in my life.

I cannot praise Dawn highly enough as I found her to be such an honest and caring person, as well as being respectful of the way I felt. Each session was different as Dawn was creative in the ways that she helped me understand my troubles and although the difficult issues in my life haven't changed I now have the skills that I previously lacked to help me deal with them.”
- Anon

“Her wealth of compassion and experience was and (should I need it, continue to be) a valuable emotional crutch through a cavern of despair and loss.. Not just of a unique loved one and life partner, but the loss of self-belief.. 
Dawn's approach and natural ability to listen and offer words of wisdom, understanding and compassion, has and continues to be Instrumental in making each day a little bit better.. A Unique Soul..... ”
- Anon

“The time I have spent with Dawn has been life changing. Having someone with such empathy helped me work through the issues I had and now I'm able to move forward and enjoy everything life brings. The atmosphere in the practice is laid back and warming and you are made to feel relaxed and able to talk. It was life changing after meeting Dawn”
- Mark. (Torquay)

“Having struggled for a number of years with various issues occurring in my life, both personally and professionally, which had taken their toll on my self-esteem and thoroughly knocked my confidence in myself, followed by the untimely death of my father, I decided that I needed to face these problems and the negative feelings I had developed towards myself.


I moved home to Devon having realised that the "London life" was no longer where I wanted my future to be, and instantly knew this was the right decision.  However, I was fairly down and felt the need for some support, I had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and had been advised that 'cognitive behavioural therapy' was an option to explore and work on the symptoms I was experiencing. I found Dawn through the 'approved counsellor's register 'and instantly liked the look of her, I was adamant I was not going to seek help from somebody who I didn't like the look of!  At my first consultation I felt very comfortable, safe, calm and very sure that Dawn could assist with my issues, and Dawn was trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - which is what I wanted to try.


My weekly visits with Dawn allowed me to explore why I had become negative about myself and why I felt fearful.  I quickly felt the benefit of Dawn's expertise and support.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Dawn and began to rethink how I felt about myself.  I met Dawn once a week for around six months and I can say that without any doubt this has changed my life and allowed me to refocus on who I am.  I am now in a permanent loving relationship with a wonderful man and am building a career which I enjoy, and I am mainly happy and content.  I still struggle with anxiety from time to time but have learned the skills via Dawn to cope with negative feelings.  I would recommend Dawn as a councillor for anyone and highly recommend her abilities, I consider myself very lucky to have chosen Dawn to help me through the difficulties I faced.”
- Anon

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